DJ’s 2018


(c) Michael Jacob

Jens-Ingo Brodesser (Belgium)

On special occasions like the Encuentro de Brujas, Jens-Ingo does DJ-sets from his vinyl collection, without using a computer but with the same high standards. The pure analog sound has a magical effect on the dancers. This is related to how the music was recorded during the Golden Age: direct-to-disc. A great deal of the emotions we feel while dancing to these recordings derives from this circumstance! Sanju Chiba puts it best: ‘For me, listening to analog music makes me peaceful and relaxed.

Jens-Ingo Brodesser hosts the pre-milonga – Thursday 3 May 2018: 19.00 – 01.00

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(c) Miguel Angel Galeano

Irma Gross (Switzerland)

Irma’s connection to tango is strong… Her background as a musician with classical formation influences her work with tango – She has been the first violin of Tango-Orquesta “Silencio” for many years, she is a tango DJ for more than 17 years and runs her own Milonga in Basel. Living partly in Switzerland and partly in Argentina her selection of music is strongly influenced by what is being played at the moment at the Milongas of Buenos Aires – adapting to European needs and preferences. Her concept is to carefully choose the music according to the feel of each event and she composes her tandas in the moment, adapting the style to suit the audience. During weekend-events Irma is also aware of what the DJ’s before her are playing to offer a wider variety for the audience. Beside all this, Irma is a milonguera, a musician of Argentinian Tango and Folklore, and she has her own brand of Argentinian tango shoes MUNAY. Irma organises two Encuentro MIlongueros in Basel, “Tres Besos” and “Bomboncito“.

DJ Irma Gross hosts the Enlace Milonga – Friday 4 May 2018: 14.00 – 19.00

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(c) Jani Keinänen

Alejandro Muñoz (Sweden)

During his sets Alejandro always tries to catch the mood and energy of the dancers, and set the atmosphere of the milonga. For him, tango is focusing on the music, the embrace and the ronda. His goal is to use the music in a way that gives the dancers energy, inspiration and smooth variations. Alejandro aims at having a good and constructive dialogue with the dance floor. He says that it gives him a great pleasure to see dancers on a crowded dance floor enjoying a tanda together. He plays his sets mostly with tangos from the 30’s to late 40’s, always in tandas and cortinas. Music with energy and softness, with darkness and romance, with flow and staccato…


DJ Alejandro Muñoz hosts the Old Bruges Milonga – Friday 4 May 2018: 21.30 – 02.30

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Lynn 4

Lynn Collins (UK)

Lynn loves to see the music reflected in the embraces and happy faces of the dancers on the floor, and enjoys the challenge of creating an energetic flow to lift hearts and spark the senses from the first tanda to the last.  The Golden Age is her main focus, with a few gems from the late twenties and the early fifties to add intrigue and flavour.

Lynn Collins host the Sweet Ocho Milonga – Saturday 5 May 2018: 14.00 – 19.00

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Theo Chatzipetros (Italy)

When Theo is DJ’ing he feels good because he likes to relate with the people on the dancefloor. He always tries to guess which can be the best choice in order to create a nice wave.  That is why he is always making his selection on the fly, track by track (He does not use “fixed” tandas). He often thinks about the fact that some couples can have the best tanda ever during his set and that’s why each tanda should be constructed having a sense, a path, a sort of uniqueness that can match with the uniqueness of dancing. His experience allows him to work like this and he can not imagine another way. The music selection is predominantly classical and never predictable, spans the entire period of the tango and sometimes he likes to surprise the dancers by proposing some rare tracks. The aim is always satisfying the dancers: nice music for dancing, warm atmosphere to enjoy. He is using lossless files imported from his collection of CD’s and LP’s and works with a sound card and professional software in order to guarantee a high sound quality.

DJ Theo Chatzipetros hosts the White Swan Milonga – Saturday 5 May 2018: 21.30 – 02.30

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(c) Paul Clemens


Céline Devèze (France)

Céline aims to maintain the energy on the dancefloor while nurturing the emotions of the dancers with a nuanced selection of music from the late 20’s to the 50’s. A DJ with elegance, emotion and energy. She plays with her heart, privileging the emotion of the group, and intimity of each dance. Céline runs the Pasionaria Milonguera Festival (in the south of France). She teaches tango, organises events, and is very busy travelling as a highly sought-after DJ in Europe, mostly in Italy and France.

DJ Céline Devèze hosts the Milonga Chocolata – Sunday 6 May 2018: 14.00 – 19.00

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(c) Lars Hedberg

(c) Lars Hedberg

Jean-Pierre Prinzie (Belgium)

DJ Prinz loves to shape the energy, playing with different levels of intensity, orchestral styles and cortinas. Though he mainly uses the repertoire from the Guardia Vieja up to the end of the Golden Age, if the floor is demanding, he works outside this scheme. The comfort of the dancers is his focus: tandas follow the same scheme, cortinas suggest the mood to come and the music makes you want to dance… Whether at a local milonga or an international venue, the ingredients remain the same: dancing pleasure, the traditional repertoire and lots of smiles.

DJ Prinz hosts the after party – Sunday 6 May 2018: 21.00 – 01.00

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